What to know by the end of Kindergarten

What Your Child Should Know by the End of Kindergarten

What your child should know by the end of Kindergarten:

  • All the letters of the alphabet
  • How to connect sounds with letters
  • Recognize sight words (such as I, a, me, are, see, like, and, etc.)
  • Read 25 books for pleasure and to gather information
  • Understand how words work by following along while he or she listens to simple books
  • Follow simple directions
  • Write independently
  • Tell stories or ideas to an adult
  • Print numbers, letters of the alphabet and a few simple words.
  • Write numbers from 0 to 21 in order
  • Count aloud to 100, backwards from 10, and by 10's to 100
  • Build addition and subtraction families to 5 (for example, 2+3=5, 1+4=5, 5-3=2, etc.)
  • Recognize the names of squares, rectangles, circles and triangles
  • Measure objects using non-standard units (for example, the table is four teddy bears high)
  • Use the terms "longer," "shorter," "equal," "more" and "less."
  • Recognize and name pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, and their values.
  • Recognize simples patterns (such as a/b/a/c or red/yellow/red/blue)
  • Read and interpret graphs

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